Phone Number:

+1 (780) 271-0469


5120 41 St, Gibbons, AB T0A 1N0

Storage & Packing Tips

  • These buildings are not heated. They are not 100% air tight possibly. Dust can be blown into them. Take precautions to protect your goods.
  • We suggest you store clothing in clothing bags.
  • Place plastic or pallets on the floor to avoid setting cardboard directly on the cement. Check the storage yard, there may be pallets available. Help yourself to them, but please remove them when vacating unit. Do not set mattress or box springs directly on cement or against walls.
  • Follow manufactures instructions for storing appliances.
  • Be aware that dried wheat, pinecones, corn, spices, household food items or similar, or any items that may be used for decorative or other purposes or items that have any kind of an odor (such as scented candles) May attract pests, mice, rodents, or similar and are strictly prohibited in your unit.
  • Any liquids or other material subject to freezing are prohibited.
  • Heavy boxes piled on top of upholstered furniture may cause damage to your furniture.
  • Follow professional advice when storing musical instruments.
  • You are prohibited from storing paint, oily rags, gasoline, propane or anything flammable. In your unit due to their volatility as well as explosives or ammunition.
  • Fuel from stored equipment and camping gear i.e propane, natural gas in containers are all prohibited from being stored in your unit.
  • Label contents of each box and make note of fragile items.
  • Use bubble wrap to pack large, fragile items such as mirrors and frames.
  • When packing, fill boxes until they are full and pack newspaper or shredded paper to fill in any empty space.
  • Pack items that you will be frequently accessing towards the front – common sense, we know.
  • If storing a motor vehicle USE A DRIP PAN or similar device to catch oil drips, etc…
  • Client shall not penetrate the walls, ceiling, door, floor or any part of the unit with nails, screws, bolts or devices of any nature whatsoever; nor shall Client damage, remove, modify, or in any other manner alter or change the equipment, if any, or the dimension of the unit or the walls, ceilings, door or floor thereof.
  • Damage to any part of the unit by the client will be charged to the client as per (terms and conditions in the lease agreement)
  • No littering! The area around each unit must be kept clear of all debris.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, smoking in or near units/buildings, is prohibited.
  • You must access the property using the pin number provided. DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OTHER VEICHLE IN AS THE GATE CAN CLOSE.

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